Burton & District Summer League 2020


1.       Conkers 5 miles  - Sunday 19th April  (online entry only)            SDRR

2.       Uttoxeter Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd May                                   URR

3.       Burton 10 mile - cancelled                                                                 BAC

4.       Washlands Relays - Wednesday 10th June   (venue to be arranged)                                  WWR

5.       Gate Gallop 10 km - Sunday 28th June                                             PR

6.       Worthington 5 mile -  Tuesday 7th July                                           IR

7.        Hatton Darts 10 km - 9th August                                                     HD

8.       Tamworth 5 miles - Sunday 13th September                                   TAC


Presentation Evening - Friday 2nd October


RULES 2020



TEAM AWARDS: -  MEN -           6 to count

WOMEN -     4 to count

No age categories.



Both men & women must compete in 5 out of 8 events to be eligible for prizes.


Categories:                      Men                                 Women

                                        Under 25                          Under 25

                                        Senior                              Senior

                                        Vets over 40                    Vets over 35

                                        Vets over 50                    Vets over 45

                                        Vets over 60                    Vets over 55

                                        Vets over 70                    Vets over 65


In line with UKA rule 141 the following age limits apply

Age on day of competition                   Maximum Distance

Over 11 - Under 13                                5k

Over 13 - Under 15                                6k,

Age 15                                                   10k

Age 16                                                   15k

Age 17                                                   25k

Over 18 - Under 20                              Marathon

Seniors & Masters                                Unlimited


Complete series: An award will be given to all individuals who have participated in all 8 events, by running in a minimum of 6 and marshalling/officiating in maximum of 2. Note : All clubs must notify Stan of who is marshalling.

An additional award will be given to the overall male and female winner from those who have competed in all 8 races.

Over all Prize: An award to be given to overall winner for lady and man, irrespective of age category. Prize for that age category still applies.


For 7 races standard positional scoring will apply. For the relay race the times of individual runs (the fastest if more than one leg is run) will be tabulated to the form of a normal race.

If no club runners enter a race no team league points can be gained for that club.


Teams of less than four women or six men can have last place counting  + 1 in the combined men and women race.

In case of a tie, head to head first then continuous count back to one.



The league results will be taken directly off the official race results. Therefore if a club runner enters as an unattached runner; they will not count for their club.

All finish times will be based on gun time (irrespective of whether the race has chip timing)



Presentations will take place at the presentation evening, date as listed above.



All clubs will provide Stan with a list of their member’s names and ages prior to the first event in the race series 


All existing club runners and new club runners who wish to be included in a club team must wear a club vest for all races within the series.

All runners must represent their first claim club, however a second claim runner can compete, if their first claim team is not taking part in the league.


Stan should be advised minimum of 24 hours before any event of a new member, (preferably by the team manager), who will then be included in the provisional results.

If for whatever reason a ‘new’ club runner appears on the race results, but Stan has not been made aware, they will not count in the provisional results. However Stan will flag up their name/names to the relevant club, who then have 7 clear days from issue of the request to confirm their membership. If this does not occur they will not be listed in the official results.


Published final results produced by Stan based on the Burton and District Summer League rules are not subject to change.


Failure to do any of the above will render that runner ineligible to score for the team. Burton and District Summer Leagues Committee decision on any matters relating to the above are final.


A team manager will be appointed by each club, for each race, who on the day of the race takes responsibility for any issues, concerning club member’s etc. These managers must identify themselves and report to Stan over any matters raised.

Results will be withheld if necessary until the issue/s are resolved or taken to the committee.